Celebrating 20 Years in Business!

Local farmers and indigenous peoples of the area gather the pits by baskets and lay them out to dry, then sand them to smooth the surfaces and flatten the bottoms of the round pits. They use a pick and scoop to clean out the inside of the hard core then they carve the head out of real wood and individually hand paint each and every one of the heads. The painted heads are then attached through the inside of the pit with a hook-needle and thread. The thread goes through the top and is pasted down to the outside of the pit. They then attach the legs and tail. The entire body is then coated and after they're completely dry, the real artwork begins. Each and every Loose-Neck is hand painted to perfection. They use only non lead-based paint, which we ship to the select artisans to assure the highest quality.

The Loose-Neck™ Family

Loose-Neck Land™

The artisans take extreme pride in their hand painting. You will rarely find an artisan that paints any two alike! The turtles are labeled, packed, and prepared for their 12 hour trek to the nearest big city to start on their way to Loose-Neck Land. Every turtle is unique and a product of love. We truly hope that you will appreciate the fine art in every piece!

Loose-Necks are a one of a kind gift product - no two are alike!
Your customers will love to collect these highly sought after souvenirs and novelties. They are all natural, eco-friendly and hand-made and hand-painted with love. They're super cute and they make amazing gifts!

The Story of the Loose-Necks...

Every year in late summer, mainly July and August, in a very remote region in the southernmost part of Mexico, the limoncillo fruit falls to the ground and thus starts the making of the Loose-Necks!