Celebrating 20 Years in Business!

Loose-Neck Land™

                           Personalize It

Due to high customer demand, we now offer customized Loose-Neck Turtles. 

Whether you prefer your Company's name, or the name of your City, State, Island, or Country, Loose-Neck can customize just for you on request for only 25 cents more per turtle (15-character max). GREAT for tourist destinations! 

Here are a few of the names we've customized for our customers in anticipation of this year's sales: Las Vegas, Hollywood, Miami, Key West, St, Thomas, Naples, Fort Meyers, Panama City Beach, Daytona, Sedona, Antigua, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Gulf Shores, and San Destin.

                            Please allow for 3 additional days for shipping on customized orders

                                                 Please Call for any Customized Orders